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Materials Handling: Parcel Distribution Facility - DPD Austria


Sorting in the most modern DPD Austria parcel distribution facility in Hörsching is carried out by a flat belt sorter system with which it was possible to nearly double the existing storage capacities.

Due to steadily increasing packet numbers, as well as with respect to future increases caused by the EU expansion, redesigning the existing facility became a necessity. Here, special importance was attached to the most modern technologies in order to be well prepared for the future.

The sorting facility is not only used as the central distribution centre for the Austrian DPD network. Following the extension, the Hörsching facility was also promoted to become the gateway to the new Eastern European EU members for the international DPD logistics network.

Two flat belt sorters, with 29 sorting destinations each, lie at the core of the facility.
These main sorting lines are fed by twelve packet ports with a peak frequency of up to 14.000 packets per hour. Conveying speeds may go up to 2.8 m/s.
Packet registration and distribution is made possible by 4 scanners with 5-side reading, which, in combination with PLC and master computer systems, guarantee a reliable and high-quality sorting process.

COMPUTEC Performance

  • Construction of electronic devices
  • Control cabinet construction
  • PLC programming
  • Start of operation

Performance Characteristics
  • 6 Siemens SIMATIC S7-400 PLC systems
  • 4 CP443 communications processors for ethernet TCP/IP computer coupling
  • 4 CP440 communications processors for serial scanner connection
  • PLC coupling via MPI bus
  • 61 Lenze 9300 servo axes

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