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Materials Handling: Parcel Distribution Facility - DPD Melle


20 Million Euro Warehouse at Melle/Germany (near Osnabrück) Put into Operation

Deutsche Paket Dienst (DPD) have put a warehouse, worth about 20 million euros, at Melle/Germany (near Osnabrück) into operation.

The new construction was built in cooperation with the investor Movesta. The company, which belongs by majority to the French postal services, handles approx. 100,000 packages daily in the facility. The conveyor belts reach a sorting performance of 15,000 packages per hour. 101 loading gates are provided for long-distance goods transport. According to company statements, this is a top value for the whole of the DPD network. All national DPD locations, as well as those of the Low Countries, Scandinavia, France, the UK, Austria, and Switzerland, are connected by daily direct traffic. The new facility at Melle is one of 74 DPD warehouses in Germany. Three shareholders own DPD whose headquarters are located in Aschaffenburg/Germany. Apart from DPD GeoPost (Deutschland) GmbH, which fully belongs to French La Poste, with 83.34 percent of the shares, there are DPD Systemlogistik GmbH (10.47 percent), which emerged from the Dachser group, and DPD Zeitfracht GmbH (6.21 percent).

Source for information:
"KEP-Nachrichten Nr. 3 / 18 January 2008"