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Materials Handling: Parcel Distribution Facility - Österreichische Post AG


"Reaching a goal more quickly with innovative technology!"

A modern parcel distribution centre was built at Vienna-Inzersdorf/Austria in the course of modernisation of ÖP AG's KurierExpressPaket (KEP) network. The systems engineering for the largest and most modern of ÖP AG's KEP hubs was designed and delivered by Budde Fördertechnik from Bielefeld/Germany. The hardware and software for the control system equipment was developed, planned, and implemented by COMPUTEC AG.

The system's performance data makes the heart of anyone working in logistics beat faster.

The predominant part of the hall, which provides 11,500m2 in total, is filled with materials handling equipment, which amounts to a length of 2.5 km. Three flat cable sorters, with a conveying speed of up to 2.8 m/s, lie at the core of the facility. From here, packets are distributed to a total of 49 sorting destinations. Incoming goods are handled via 9 unloading lines and 6 special rolling container intakes.

90,000 packets, 5,000 ExpressMailService (EMS) mailings, and 200 tons of info post bundles are processed every day.

The packets are identified and assigned by an integrated network of scanners, a facility master computer system, and PLC networks. Following that, they are traced to their destinations by help of specially developed algorithms. A visualisation system makes quick and well-directed operating personnel reactions possible.

The new packet distribution centre at Vienna-Inzersdorf will also serve the Austrian postal services in the future as a hub for international packet traffic to Eastern European countries. In addition, the centre handles the distribution for large parts of Vienna.

Due to this central logistical function, reliability, functionality, and quality of the sorting, and, therefore, of the technology used, are of paramount importance.

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