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Materials Handling: Warehouse - Box Conveyor System


An extensive box conveyor system spanning four floors was installed at a wholesale company operating in the electrical industry. This materials handling equipment is used to transport small goods in cartons and plastic containers from incoming goods to storage and later from there on to outgoing goods in shipping cartons.

At incoming goods, cartons for storing incoming goods are provided. The cartons are supplied with a bar code for identification and carry the goods.

The cartons are transported to the order picking positions via the container conveyor system. There, they are stored.

Shipping cartons in various sizes according to the order are provided for outgoing goods. These shipping cartons are then transported by the conveyor system to the order picking positions where certain goods for the respective end customer have to be commissioned to the carton.

Following the final order-picking process, the shipping carton has to be transported to final packaging at outgoing goods.

The container flow with carton supply is monitored and controlled by a material flow computer which receives the upcoming jobs from a customer-based warehouse management system and communicates them to various control systems.

Processing of the orders is then confirmed to the warehouse management system.

Facility operation is carried out centrally at an operator-interface computer, as well as locally in the setting mode via operation terminal or radio data transmission.

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